Episode 201: The Truth About The Galactic Starcruiser

In today’s episode, (and yes, you’re seeing 201 before you’re seeing 200. Shush, it’s my show) Jerry talks all about his voyage on The Galactic Starcruiser.  From the phenomenal to the meh (but let’s be honest, MOSTLY phenomenal), no stone is left unturned. SPOILERS for anyone going on the Halcyon before September. This episode is contains deep dives into the story and events after the first 45 mins or so. You’ve been warned!! So come join Jerry… I mean Dexx… on a cruise through the Galaxy and find out what this beast is really all about! 

Ending Song: One Galaxy (originally by Sandro and Quannii, covered by our friends at New Fangled Trolleys)

In case you’re feeling lucky, you can attempt to get a Galactic Starcruiser date on the Halcyon riiiiiiiiight HERE

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