April 2019

Episode 165: Hooves All Up In The Air!

This week, Simone is on fire with another classic idea and she does not disappoint.  With the slow dismantling of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, Jerry & Simone create their own nighttime entertainment spectaculars for each park.  But before that we discuss the upcoming merch and snacks at MGM Studios’ 30th Anniversary as well as some …

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Episode 164: the fattest dreamer

This week, Jerry & Simone watch one of the worst fan-made films they have ever seen.  You’ll feel like you’re watching The Room as we take this trip through the chasms of hell together.  Special Guest, Sarah, also joins us for the intro, as she regales us all with an unbelievably tragic and hysterical story you …

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Episode 163: You’ll Never Guess What We Do With This Magic Band

This week, Jerry and Simone sit down for a two on one discussion with one of their most infamous rivals.  So put on your laughing hats and get ready for the most heated debate you’ve heard on Mouse Rants yet.  you WON’T want to miss this one.