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Episode 201: The Truth About The Galactic Starcruiser
Episode 201: The Truth About The Galactic Starcruiser
In today’s episode, (and yes, you’re seeing 201 before you’re seeing 200. Shush, it’s my show) Jerry talks all about his voyage on The Galactic Starcruiser. ...
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Episode 199 - RIP Splash Mountain
This week, Jerry says goodbye (once and for all) to the beloved Splash Mountain.  Reliving the final day, commenting on some really bad takes (and let me tell you, I found one of the...
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Episode 198 complete
Episode 198 - Fan-Freakin’-Tasmic!
This week, Jerry reviews both new Fantasmic! shows in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  Find out what shreds and what’s just been ripped to shreds…  but before that, let’s...
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Episode 197 (complete)
Episode 197: Cut Shows Are a Speck of Bland Emotion
This week, Jerry is welcomed back from WDW by all of you (thank you!) as he unloads the burdens of the absolute pain and loss of ANY SUBSTANCE in the shows post-post-pandemic.   Come...
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Episode 196 complete
Episode 196: The Frugality of the Starving Elite
In this episode, Jerry spins the podcast dial and lands on a show that is everything wrong with Disney podcasts today.  Find out what THEY think is the worst “advice” (and...
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Latest Ramble-fest Blog Posts

Introduction Well, well, well… Look who decided to join the fucking party a little late. Welcome, my Disney Degenerates, to the absurdly belated ramble-fest adventure that is...
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