Mouse Rants

What is a Mouse Rant?

The Mouse Rants Story

So, I was originally just gonna make this page a joke because… honestly, who reads a freakin’ About page?  Unless they are applying for a job and they need some more information about the company, so they can throw a few questions their way at the end…  But I figure this is the only time I can be serious here.

So back in like 2009, I was watching The Angry Video Game Nerd and thought to myself…this dude sounds just like me. With rants similar to a comedic orchestra, where every note was a meticulously crafted complaint, accompanied by a harmonious blend of expletives and jest.  I started thinking to myself…”Hell, I could do this.  This is like a usual 2PM conversation for me.. and not just about games.  I could riff on mainstream music, lambaste unimaginative films, and yes, even take a jab at my beloved kingdom of Disney.  Yeah, that’s it.  No one is doing this type of thing in the Disney community.” 

And they weren’t…at all.  There were a bunch of podcasts I listened to regularly, but it was like a barren wasteland of unwavering Disney cheerleaders, chanting “Hakuna Matata” while ignoring any missteps or questionable decisions we all knew was an issue.  All except the original WDW Today.   

The POINT is that I thought it would be funny to create a parody Youtube channel complaining about silly things in the company like “Why Is Animal Kingdom So Scary?” or “Why Does Disney Think Pinocchio is German?” (they’ve rectified that last one since my video, so hell yeah).  I would christen it “Mouse Rants” because, you know, subtlety is for the weak.

But I’m a behind the camera type of guy.  I can’t memorize scripts, I’m not an actor, I never know what to do with my fucking hands. So I let it sit stagnant for 5 years. But in 2014, when Iger decided to unleash his wrath upon the live performers of Epcot. That’s when the fire within me rekindled, and I knew it was time to dive headfirst into this grand endeavor—for REAL, this time!  Of course, the natural progression, was to turn Mouse Rants from a YouTube show into the thing I was truly best at…a stream of consciousness, no script, no plan 18+ punk rock, cringe comedy podcast, with a dash of AVGN, a tablespoon of O&A, and a hefty serving of Jerry Skids. It was the part I was born to play…me.

In between my videos and starting up the podcast, a few more really great adult Disney podcasts had arisen – and I figured, I could take what they were doing to a whole other level.  And I haven’t looked back since.  Well, a few times.  But fuck it.  Mouse Rants is here and if you’re offended, well, you just never realized it was all one big joke, and the laughter has only just begun.

So fast-forward to now and suddenly Mouse Rants has a website?  Why?  To be honest, I have no clue – I just love creating work for myself.  Or maybe it’s because I wanted to put all the projects I’m associated with in one spot (see The Story of Cory and everything else packed into this little project of mine). Or maybe it’s because that person stole our name and made a lame-ass website that no one cared about and then tried to charge me $600 to get (this is a true story).  Or maybe it’s just because I’ve parodied podcasts, movies, musicals, tv shows and now it’s time to parody blogs.  Who knows why I do anything?!  I sure don’t.  Maybe I should worry about that… Nah.

In reality, I wanted to create a place where a community could come together and laugh, cry, listen to some music, learn, grow and create.  That’s all I’ve ever wanted.  A community of Disney fans, who don’t need to be fake, who don’t need to be pixie dusters, who can admit Disney can fuck up sometimes, just like we can…A community who can come together and laugh about the things we love.  Because love is about honesty.  And honestly, I would love to stop writing this About section right now.  Thanks for visiting!  I really hope you love this silly little place I put together for you all.

– Jerry Skids

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